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Recent Updates/Offers

WebDirect On-Line Access — Integrity Software is pleased to announce the release of WebDirect -- a Freedom for Bedding add-on module providing web-based access for your Customers and/or Sales Reps. WebDirect allows your Customers to place their orders on-line, check on the status of Orders, and view the state of their account. Sales Reps while on the road can check what a customer currently has on order and see the state of their account before a visit using a tablet or smart phone. They can also place orders for the customer before finishing the appointment.

Contact us for access to our on-line demo... 

Fire Retardancy Support — is not a new upgrade to our program, but the CPSC added an important and time consuming requirement to the Sleep Products Industry, which is why we have left this information here.  Integrity Software has comprehensive functionality to support the US Fire Retardancy regulations. Freedom for Bedding supports either a Scanning or non-Scanning approach, with the objective being to minimize the impact of the required additional record-keeping.


Download our Fire Retardancy White Paper...

Freedom R3 Released — Integrity Software is proud to announce the release of Freedom for Bedding R3. This major new release has been several years in the making, and demonstrates our commitment to providing state-of-the-art, industry-specific software. Whether you are an existing user of Freedom for Bedding, or just interested in saving money and improving productivity, you'll want to investigate how the new functionality and performance available in Freedom for Bedding R3 can benefit you.

Sign up for an on-line demo — Have one of our Sleep Product specialists demonstrate Freedom for Bedding for you and your team. We can customize the demo to focus on your current challenges and/or your future needs.   Evaluate the product, learn how it can benefit your organization, have your mind put at ease when you understand how our “quick start program” simplifies start up, and evaluate how knowledgeable our team is!  What have you got to lose?


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