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The Solution — What Integrity Software Can do for You

Integrity Software has developed Freedom for Bedding, a state-of-the-art software program, designed specifically for the Sleep Products industry...

Benefits of Industry specific software:

  • 100% of the industry's unique requirements are met. This ensures that all the tools you need for success are available to you.

  • No unproductive manufacturing changes required in the factory. The flexibility of our Product Development Module allows you to run your factory your way.

  • Implementation costs are greatly reduced since we are not trying to satisfy other industries.

  • Intuitive and easy to use by mattress professionals since it was designed for them in the first place.

Benefits of using today's state-of-the-art technology:

  • Local technical support for hardware and operating system available.

  • Specific requirements can easily be included in the system. This allows us to remain dynamic and responsive with our programming.

  • Built on a standardized, familiar user interface, greatly reducing the learning curve when you begin using Freedom.

  • Built-in support for future hardware and operating system upgrades. This ensures that technology will not leave you behind.

Benefits of Partnering with Integrity Software:

  • Support from Sleep Product Professionals.  We speak your language.

  • Streamlined conversion process using our own propriety “Quick Start Program” that can have you up and running in under three months.

  • Freedom for Bedding, is continually being updated ensuring it will remain State-of-the-art and never become obsolete.

  • No nonsense pricing means you get a quick firm quote knowing there will be no hidden surprises.   

Benefits of Freedom for Bedding

Realize Greater Profits

  • Price your products effectively and profitably by using an industry-specific “Bill of Materials”.  Know your cost for every model and every size to the penny.

  • Create a different price for every customer on the same product, allowing you to sell identical products to different locations at different prices….i.e. cover shipping costs, reward loyalty or sales volume.

Increase Sales

  • Use built-in functionality specific to the Sleep Products industry to create authorized product lists for each customer.  This gives you the ability to provide each of your customers an exclusive lineup, based on their market niche, increasing their sales and ultimately yours.  The net result is market saturation of your product.

  • Track Co-Op Advertising and PM’s.  These can be used to create demand for your product.  Simply include these costs directly into the pricing analysis when determining your product pricing. 

Optimize Production

  • Production Reports allow you to manage a wider range of products by relaying accurate specifications to the appropriate production personnel.

  • Increase product quality through the use of production reports thereby eliminating guesswork and assumptions.  This reduces the number of items returned due to production errors.

  • Take advantage of our existing library of production reports, create your own specific reports using our simple Production Report Designer, or have us create custom reports to your specifications.  This allows you to continue to run your factory your way.

  • Law Label content declarations are automatically and accurately calculated and printed for each model and each size, based on the legal requirements of your jurisdiction.

Streamline Accounting

  • State-of-the-art, on-line, real-time system operation.

  • Order entry is specifically designed for the Sleep Products industry, saving time and reducing errors.

  • Simplify daily accounting duties.  Checks, deposits, invoices, receivables and payables are all automatically recorded and posted, saving time and reducing manual entries as all modules are integrated.  Once an order is placed, no additional entries are necessary from the production cycle through to final invoicing. Once a purchase order is created, no additional entries are necessary from receipt of goods through to posting vendor’s invoices.

  • When creating a new model, all sizes are accurately costed simultaneously, saving time.

Expect Responsive Support

  • You can instantly access industry experts with our live online support, via email, or by telephone.

  • Knowledgeable staff with Sleep Products manufacturing experience.

  • Timely response with creative Solutions to your problems.

  • We welcome your suggestions and use them to improve Freedom for Bedding to better meet your needs.

  • All new features and program enhancements are included at no additional cost above your monthly support.

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